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China Inside Painted Crystal Ball, Panda Crystal Balls

The crystal ball looks magnificent and smooth. And it has won the admiration of millions of people. Made of fine crystal glass, painted exquisitely with precious cute pandas, this crystal has a high artistic and decorative value. Panda is a kind of precious animal and it has been chosen as a mascot of China. According to Chinese Fengshui, the crystal ball with inner painting may be as a talisman to get rid of bad luck. If you are the firm believer of Chinese Fengshui, you may put the crystal ball with precious cute pandas as a talisman in your office or house to bring good luck and happiness. 

We have several most popular Chinese traditional auspicious patterns.

Such as: Chinese Panda,  The Great Wall , Magnificent Blooming Peony, Noble Plum Blossom, Crane, Fish and Lotus Flowers , Riverside Scenes at the Qing Ming Festival, Buddha Crystal Balls.

They are all the symbol of auspiciousness in the Chinese mind. Most of the Chinese people think the crystal ball which special with these auspicious patterns can get rid of bad luck, and bring good luck and happiness to them.

The Exquisite art of Chinese  reverse inner painting combine with the auspicious  patterns  Crystal balls created the most famous  unique art treasures in China.

This crystal ball is the best gifts for domestic and friendly exchanges, and all kinds of wedding celebrations in commemoration, meanwhile it has a very high collection value.